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 Description systematics


For description and images on this website, a system is used that uses deductive characteristics of the items. For ceramics, glass and metal the Dutch standard 'Deventer system' is used. For clay tobacco pipes a system is used that made a distinction ​between deductive characteristics of the bowl and the deductive characteristics of the stem. 

Clay tobacco pipes



1a. Inventory number 1. Inventory number 1. Inventory number
1b. Site location 2. Type code 2. Type code
2a. Bowltype  3. Datings 3. Datings
2b. Decoration on side of the bowl left / right 4. Measurements 4. Measurements
2c. Mark on side op the spur left / right 5a. Ware, fabric 5a. Material
2d. (Heel)mark  5b. Surface treatment 5b. Methode of manufacturing 
2e. Burnished 5c.  Decoration 5c. Decoration
2f. Bowl opening 6a. Base 6.  Miscellaneous, marks
2g. Rim of the bowl 6b.  Handle's e.g. 7. Name
2h. Other bowl characteristics 6c. Miscellaneaous, marks 8. Provenance
3a. Stem decoration 7. Name 9. References
3b. Stem burnished 8. Provenance
3c. Other stem characteristics 9. References
4. Date (absolute years)
5. Provenance
6 Manufacturer
7. References