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Druten, Dericks & Geldens factory (1875-1977)


The factory of Dericks & Geldens was established in the periode 1875-1877. The reason for establishing the 'N.V. Vereenigde Ceramiek- Steen en Pannenfabrieken Dericks & Geldens' was the reduction of the costs of the new to build catholic church H.H. Ewalden in Druten (architect Pierre Cuypers).

After the church in Druten was finished the factory was continued by (the notary) Allard Carel Jacob Dericks and (the tile-maker) Niclaas Loïsius Geldens. Through intensive contacts with the architect Cuypers the factory became an important workplace where many tiles, floor tiles and building constructions were produced for many projects of this famous Dutch architect. Reproduction hearthstones were produced for "The Prinsenhof' in Delft and 'The Rijksmuseum' in Amsterdam. The reproduction hearthstones can be identified by the thickness of the stone that is significantly less thick than the 16th century tiles. Also the factory mark is stamped on the back of these 19th century reproductions.




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